June 4, 2008

Princess Power Series by Suzanne Williams

The series was light fun and original. I liked that the princesses weren't typical proper princesses and all had unique and interesting personalities. The stories were simple and easy to read.

1 - Princess Power #1: The Perfectly Proper Prince (Princess Power) - Princess Lysandra holds auditions for a talent show in order to find other adventurous princesses. On their first adventure, the girls discover a real frog prince.
2 - Princess Power #2: The Charmingly Clever Cousin (Princess Power) - Fatima is staying with her sister Selime to help care for her new nephew. But when Selime's husband Ahmed goes missing and his cousin Yusef takes over the castle, Fatima gets suspicious. Fatima and her friends must discover the true whereabouts of Ahmed.
3 - Princess Power #3: The Awfully Angry Ogre (Princess Power) - Tansy's kingdom is having ogre trouble, and two of her brothers are determined to put a stop to the terror. But when her brothers are turned to stone Tansy and her friends must save the day.
4 - Princess Power #4: The Mysterious, Mournful Maiden (Princess Power) - Elena finds a comb on the beach and starts having dreams about the comb's lost owner. Elena and her friends must find the owner before it is too late.
5 - Princess Power #5: The Stubbornly Secretive Servant (Princess Power) - The Princesses are visiting Lysandra at her sister Gabriella's castle. Everyone is looking forward to Prince Jonathon's visit, but for some reason he never shows up.
6 - Princess Power #6: The Gigantic, Genuine Genie (Princess Power) - Fatima buys a genie bottle at the market. Unfortunately the genie is powerless. Can Fatima and her friends help the genie get his powers back?

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