May 5, 2008

How I survived Middle School Series by Nancy Krulik

Middle School Survival

The main difference between this series and other girly juvenile fiction books is that these books have a lot of quizzes in them so girls can find out if "He's Still into You" or if your friend has been "hiding something or someone", etc.

1 - Can You Get An F In Lunch? (How I Survived Middle School) - On the first day of Middle School, Jenny discovers that her BFF became one of the pops over the summer. can Jenny turn herself into one of the pops, or is there friendship over for good?
2 - Madame President (How I Survived Middle School) - Addie and jenny both compete to become president of their class.
3 - I Heard A Rumor (How I Survived Middle School) - Madame X has been spreading rumors about Jenny's friends in the school gossip column.
4 - New Girl (How I Survived Middle School) - A new girl moves into town. Will she join the pops or help Jenny and her friends raise money for the school fundraiser.
5 - Cheat Sheet (How I Survived Middle School) - Two of Jenny's best friends get to compete at the History Fair. But did one of them cheat to earn their place?
6 - P.S. I Really Like You (How I Survived Middle School) -

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