May 22, 2008

The Caped 6th Grader Series by Zoe Quinn

These are great books for girls that like super heroes. They are girly, a little bit cheesy, and pretty funny. I really enjoyed the fact that they are quite a bit different than most girly books, and they would probably appeal to a wider audience.

1 - The Caped 6th Grader: Happy Birthday, Hero! (The Caped Sixth Grader) - On her 12th birthday, Zoe discovers that she inherited super hero powers from her Grandpa. And no one, not even her parents can ever know about it.
2 - The Caped 6th Grader: Totally Toxic (The Caped Sixth Grader) - Zoe uses her powers (before her training is complete) to investigate a factory that is dumping toxic waste into her towns river.
3 - The Caped 6th Grader: Lightning Strikes! (The Caped Sixth Grader) - Zoe works for the comic book author Electra Albright during a school assignment. But somehow Electra's comic book story line is eerily similar to Zoe's super hero family stories.
4 - The Caped Sixth Grader: Cabin Fever (The Caped Sixth Grader) - Zoe goes to Super Hero Camp for the summer, and finds herself face to face with her best friend Howie. Could Howie really be a super too?

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