April 16, 2008

Star Power Series by Catherine Hapka

These books are really fun and a nice break from the typical juvenile girly story. Star is a fourteen year old world famous singer, trying to stay grounded in a hollywood world. The books are very clean and the main character is a really nice person despite her super-star status. My main problem with the series is that Star's family disappeared while on vacation two years earlier, and the books mention them all the time. However the problem is never resolved and the family isn't found by the end of the series.

1 - Supernova (Star Power) -Bad things keep happening while Star and her team prepare for her world tour. Is it just bad luck, or is the tour doomed to fail?
2 - Always Dreamin' (Star Power) - During a feud with rival teen super-star Jade, Star's family secret is leaked to the press.
3 - Never Give Up! (Star Power) - The police have a new lead to Star's family's whereabouts, and Star sneaks onto a plane so she can join the search.
4 - Together We Can Do It (Star Power) - The media is spreading rumors that Star is dating her opening act Sven. And her almost boyfriend back home thinks that the rumors are true! Can Star's relationship with Aaron survive the media circus?
5 - Blast from the Past (Star Power) - A girl named Sam contact Star claiming to be an old friend from Star's past. Star must figure out if Sam is really who she says she is.
6 - Someday, Some Way (Star Power) - While Star is home on a short break in her tour, she considers giving up her career.
7 - Over the Top (Star Power) - Eddie Urbane's new girlfriend Xandra claims to be psychic and gives Star some shocking news about her parents
8 - Star Bright (Star Power) - Star agrees to have a day in her life recorded by a reality TV Show.

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