April 9, 2008

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson

Saving the World (Maximum Ride, Book 3) by James Patterson

This is the most exciting book thus far in the Maximum Ride Series because the end is near, and time is literally running out for Max and her winged flock. This book is also a little bit more satisfying because it reveals more about Max's past and the reason for her existence. Content rating - the fight sequences are a little bit more graphic then they were in the other books, and there was still some swearing.

Max and her friends uncover a plot created by the leaders of the school, to reduce the worlds population by half and then to re-populate the world with genetically superior human beings. Max and her friends aren't the only mutants in danger from this evil plan. All the genetically engineered beings are primed for extinction. But with half the flock on the other side of the world, does Max have enough strength to finally stop her creator?

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