April 18, 2008

Fame School Series by Cindy Jefferies

These books are about different kids who want to make it in the music industry(some pop, some rock and roll). It is set at a musical boarding school where they study music as well as regular classes. These books feature different main characters(including boys), but most of the books are pretty girly. They are clean and funny and a good read for any aspiring pop star.

1 - Reach for the Stars #1 (Fame School) - Chloe auditions for a scholarship at Rockley Park, a school for aspiring musicians. But when she messes up during her audition, she thinks her dream is over.
2 - Rising Star #2 (Fame School) - Chloe can't find her voice and her teacher won't let her perform in the school concert. Can Chloe find her voice before she has to leave the school for good?
3 - Secret Ambition #3 (Fame School) - A popular tv show wants to do an episode about Pop and Lolly breaking into the pop music scene. There is just one problem, Lolly doesn't think she wants to be a pop singer anymore.
4 - Rivals! #4 (Fame School) - All Danny wants to do is play the drums, but the other drummer in his grade is making that impossible. Can the boys work out their differences, or is there only room for one drummer in the seventh grade?
5 - Tara's Triumph #5 (Fame School) - Tara wants to raise money to help a children's home in Africa. But when she goes behind the principal's back and makes plans for a charity event, her charity event may be permanently put on hold.
6 - Lucky Break #6 (Fame School) -
7 - Solo Star #7 (Fame School) -
8 - Christmas Stars (Fame School) -
9 - Pop Diva (Fame School) -
10 - Battle of the Bands (Fame School) -

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