April 2, 2008

Fall of the Templar by Derek Benz amd J.S. Lewis

Fall Of The Templar (Grey Griffins) by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis

This was my favorite book so far in the Grey Griffins Series. It was the easiest to read and understand, and also the most satisfying. It was also fast paced and engaging. The book did have quite a bit of fighting but there was nothing graphic. The Grey Griffins Series would be a great read for those who love magic, King Arthur, Templar Knights, and fantasy.

Description:In the third Grey Griffins novel, the battle continues for Max and his friends to save the world. With new powers and stronger enemies, this could prove to be the fiercest battle yet. Max must destroy the spear of ragnarok and stop his father from releasing the dragon that guards the world tree before the world is destroyed.

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