April 7, 2008

Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

This book was quite a bit different from the books we usually read, but the story was really interesting. It was unique and engrossing, and I really wanted things to end happily for the characters.

While searching for his birthday presents, Sam uncovers a mysterious box in the attic. Sticking out of the box is a picture of Sam on a paper clipping with the words "Sam Bell" and "Missing." Sam has lived with his grandfather for as long as he can remember, and has no knowledge of the event. Also his last name is Mackenzie, not Bell. Sam enlists the help of the new girl in school, Caroline, to help him uncover the mystery. Is Sam's grandfather really who he says he is, or is there something sinister in Sam's past?

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