March 26, 2008

Sleepover Squad by P.J. Denton

These books are kind of silly but fun. Younger girls would probably love these books, but some of the words may be hard for the intended 6-9 age group.

1 - Sleeping Over (Sleepover Squad) - Emily is worried that her overprotective parents will think she is to young to attend a sleepover.
2 - Camping Out (Sleepover Squad) - The girls decide to have a sleepover outside at Emily's house. There is only one problem, Taylor is afraid of bugs.
3 - The Trouble with Brothers (Sleepover Squad) - It's Kara's turn to host the sleepover, but will the girls' fun be ruined by Kara's older brothers?
4 - Keeping Secrets (Sleepover Squad) - Jo just one the school spelling bee and she is hosting a sleepover to celebrate. But her friends are keeping a secret from her, and she may not want to have a sleepover after all.
5 - Pony Party! (Sleepover Squad) -
6 - The New Girl (Sleepover Squad) -
7 - Sleepover Squad #7 (Sleepover Squad) -

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