March 3, 2008

The Scarlet Stockings: The Enchanted Riddle by Charlotte Kandel

The Scarlet Stockings: The Enchanted Riddle by Charlotte Kandel

Rating:When I was younger I loved two things, reading and dancing. I haven't danced since college, but I still love reading about it. Most of the time when I read dancing books, I'm a little disappointed. Authors usually use the correct more complex terms for describing the dancing in detail. Which is good if you know what they are talking about. But, they usually do it in such a way that unless you have experience dancing the books are a little hard to read. This book was the complete opposite. All the terms and explanations were correct, but it was done in such a way that even people without any dance experience could enjoy this book. The author even incorporated the history of ballet into the book without making it feel like history. It was just another part of the mystery. The characters were real and believable, and the story was fun and enchanting. This is a great book for younger girls.

Daphne has always had two lifelong dreams. One is to become a prima ballerina, and the other is to find her real parents. So when a mysterious package arrives at the orphanage addressed to Daphne, she hopes that one of her dreams is about to being fulfilled. When Daphne opens the package, she finds a beautiful pair of scarlet stockings and a book on teaching yourself ballet. On closer inspection of the book, she discovers a riddle written on the inside cover. Her desire to solve the riddle sends her on a quest of self discovery and puts her dreams within reach. But in the end, she must choose what she really wants from life, and then do what it takes to deserve it.

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  1. There's a children's book (we have it in board book form right now from the library) called "Katy Duck" that reminds me of you! You should read it.