February 27, 2008

How to be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days by Lisa Papademetriou

How To Be A Girly Girl In Just Ten Days (Candy Apple) by Lisa Papademetriou

Rating:This may have been the funniest Candy Apple Book that I have read so far. Anyone that has ever changed themselves to impress a boy could probably relate to this book.

Description:Nicole "Nick" is a typical tomboy. She doesn't care about her hair, makeup, or clothes. Until she meets Ben. Ben is the cute new boy at school, that seems to have a crush on Nick's biggest rival and ultimate girly-girl Hannah. Nick agrees to a makeover in an attempt to win Ben's attention.

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  1. Me and My Friend Think this Book so intersting but we are in middle school and its not challenging though.. So we are not planinng on reading this. *We are Souppose to be reading challenging book.*
    K & D...