February 20, 2008

Beastly by Alex Finn

Beastly by Alex Finn

This was a fun modern twist on beauty and the beast. The beast was mean, arrogant, and self-centered. And the beauty character was smart, kind, and kinda pretty. Even though the characters were young and had to deal with the typical high school problems, they also had to face life in the real world. I think lots of teenage girls would be able to relate to the characters.

Description:Most people considered Kyle to be the perfect boy with the perfect life. He was tall, blond, rich, and handsome and was dating the most popular girl in school. He had the potential to be smart but was too concerned with his looks and popularity to concern himself with anything else. But when he asks an ugly girl in school to the Prom as a joke, his life changes forever. The girl is really a witch in disguise, and she transforms him into a terrible beast. Ashamed of having an ugly son, Kyle's father hides him away from the world. Kyle must find true love in two years, or risk living the rest of his life as a beast.

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  1. omg this book was so good.. better tan the movie.. i loved the way the autor put the steps of the spell in order.. yell anywya this book was great loved it.. 5 STRARS