January 28, 2008

The Princess and the Peabodys by Betty G. Birney

The Princess and the Peabodys by Betty G. Birney

This book was fun and cute. It was a quick read and the story wasn't too involved. It would be a great book for younger girls who are just getting interested in reading.

Casey Peabody is a tomboy who loves soccer, running, and softball. The only time she is interested in shopping is when she goes to yard sales to spend time with her Grandma. At such a yard sale Casey and Gran find an antique box that has been rusted shut. On a whim, Gran buys the box and gives it to Casey. When they are finally able to pry open the box, a medieval princess appears in their living room. There is already a "Princess" at Casey's school and Casey is less than thrilled to have to share her home with another one. But until the royal wizard Alaric can reverse the spell, Princess Eglantine will be a permanent member of Casey's family. When Eglantine is enrolled in school, it becomes Casey's job to teach the princess how to survive in junior high and the rest of the modern world. In the process, Casey learns more about herself and discovers that being different isn't always a bad thing.

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