January 16, 2008

Night of the Soul Stealer by Joseph Delaney

The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice) by Joseph Delaney

I love this series. The stories are fun and original and the characters are likable. This is the third book in the Last Apprentice Series, and it is just as good as the first two books. My only criticism is that the stories seem to be a little spooky for their target audience of older children, and each book seems to get spookier.

Tom Ward continues his apprenticeship with the Spook in a new location, Anglezarke. Anglezarke is a bleak forbidding place on the edge of the darkness. It is also the location of the Spook's winter house. The Spook keeps live lamia witches and bogarts in his basement, making the house one of the most dangerous places in the country. While in Anglezarke, Tom's father dies and his soul is held captive by the necromancer Morgan. Morgan wants Tom to leave the Spook and become his Apprentice, and he is willing to do anything he can to get Tom to cooperate. Tom must steal the grimoire from the Spook's house and help Morgan release an ancient evil named Golgath or Tom's father will suffer an endless torment. But when the Spook is imprisoned in his own house by the lamia witch Meg, Tom must flee the house to save his own life. Will Tom be able to rescue the spook and retrieve the grimoire, or will evil finally triumph over the light.

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