January 18, 2008

Camp Confidential Series by Melissa J. Morgan

Camp Confidential Series by Melissa J. Morgan

I've read all of the Camp Confidential books, and I love them. I think they are so funny. These books combine the originality and fun-ness of the Girl Talk Books and the higher quality writing of the Baby Sitters Series. I really like them.

1 - Natalie's Secret #1 (Camp Confidential)
2 - Jenna's Dilemma #2 (Camp Confidential)
3 - Grace's Twist
4 - Alex's Challenge #4 (Camp Confidential)
5 - TTYL #5 (Camp Confidential)
6 - RSVP #6 (Camp Confidential)
7 - Second Time's the Charm #7 (Camp Confidential)
8 - Wish You Weren't Here #8 (Camp Confidential)
9 - Best (Boy)friend Forever #9 (Camp Confidential)
10 - Over & Out #10 (Camp Confidential)
11 - Falling in Like #11 (Camp Confidential)
12 - Winter Games #12 (Camp Confidential)
13 - A Fair to Remember #13 (Camp Confidential)
14 - Hide and Shriek #14: Super Special (Camp Confidential)
15 - Reality Bites #15 (Camp Confidential)
16 - Golden Girls #16 (Camp Confidential)
17 - Freaky Tuesday #17 (Camp Confidential) - Camp is over for the summer, and the drama queen Brynne is starting a new private school. At the school, academics are cool and drama is for losers. Brynne must decide what is most important in her life - being friends with the popular kids or doing what she loves.
18 - And the Winner Is... #18 (Camp Confidential) - Natalie's Dad has been nominated for an Academy Award and she is off to L.A. for the Oscars. She is supposed to be spending time with Tori, but Natalie keeps ditching Tori for other people. Can their friendship survive after a bad falling out? Also Brynne gets a part in a professional play and must choose between her boyfriend and what she loves.
19 - Charmed Forces #19: Super Special (Camp Confidential) - Alyssa stumbles upon an amethyst the first day of camp and all of the girls in 6B believe it grants her psychic powers. Also, many of the girls in the bunk are competing for the same boy.
20 - Suddenly Last Summer #20 (Camp Confidential)
- Camp is closing for good, so Tori and her friends try to find a way to stop the closure. Will this be the end of good friends and good times?


  1. Camp ConfidentialJuly 4, 2008 at 4:56 PM

    I'm going to cry!!! Melissa Morgan. Please I beg! Make more Camp Confidential books! Please you're a writing LEGEND! I don't even want to IMAGINE life without camp confidential.

  2. Do you have any other books or series because i looooovvveee your writing. these are the best books ever and are soooo funny!!i love them please write more i will be waiting and counting on you.plllllzzz!!!!!

  3. There are three new books coming out in April. If you go to this link http://us.penguingroup.com/nf/Author/AuthorPage/0,,1000065780,00.html you can sign up for email updates on this author.

  4. I absolutly loved every single book in the series camp confidential. I could connect with every single character and It made me love the books even more! I think, if you could put some of the books together, that camp confidential books would make great movies! I was so sad when I read the last book. First of all, I knew there were no more books left, and second of all, I really understood how the girls felt. I literaly cried my eyes out, please make more!

  5. I love camp confidential! it is awesome!

  6. Melissa, why can't you write more books?! Do you see the girls posts, they love you! I have gotten almost all of my friends interested in Camp Confidential. Every girl connects with a character of their own. I connected with 3 girls. Sarah,Allysa and Natalie. I think if you are not going to make anymore books, then at least make the movies. Have an audition all over the world! Please, I beg you. I will post again and next time with a petition.

  7. For all of you camp confidential fans, Melissa started writing more books in the series. There is now a super special called Reunion where a few of the girls meet at a new summer camp. I believe there is another one coming out called Extra Credit if I remember correctly.

  8. campconfedntialfanJuly 10, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    melissa j morgan jest put out three more books: reunion (#21), extra credit (#22) and politically incorrect (#23). She also released summer confidential and those books r: twilight, sunrise, sunset. i hope she makes more.

  9. I love the camp confidential series and I'm so happy to know that its not ending...I liked all the characters especially Jenna, Priya, and Sarah...I hope that the series never ends!

  10. I love the camp confidential series!I read the first summer except RSVP and more. I heard theres going to be a show for the series,cant wait for it!

  11. I really lvoe these books. I read the last one last night, and cried my eyes out. I think melissa, please please make more books. they entertain me and I can really connect with the characters.