January 29, 2008

The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. Higgins

The Black Book of Secrets by FE Higgins

This book had a really good opening and grabbed my attention right away. The writing was good and the story was very original. The story was action packed and filled with murders, deceit, and thievery. My problem with the book was that it never stopped. It seemed like everyone in the book was bad and had terrible evil secrets haunting them. And although people in real life aren't perfect, not everyone is a lying murderer. It was an okay book and interesting enough to read once, but I could never read it again. (The book describes the evil deeds in detail, but it isn't graphic)

Ludlow Fitch was taught pickpocketing at an early age in order to support his parents' alcohol addiction. He would have done this forever if his parents hadn't held him hostage and tried to sell his teeth to a teeth surgeon named Barton Gumbroot. To save his life and his teeth, Ludlow fled the city on the back of a rich man's carriage. The carriage stopped in Pagus Parvus and Ludlow was taken in by the local pawnbroker Joe Zabbidou. Ludlow hadn't been in Parvus for long before he realized that something was not quite right with his pawn broker benefactor. Instead of pawning common goods, Joe dealt in trading secrets - deep dark secrets that could destroy a man's life. Ludlow quickly became swept up in a world of blackmail, murder, and lies. Ludlow must figure out the secret behind Joe Zabbidou and his Black Book of Secrets, before Ludlow's life is ruined forever.

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