December 19, 2007

The Swan Maiden by Heather Tomlinson

The Swan Maiden by Heather Tomlinson

Doucette has always dreamed of being a swan maiden. For years, she has watched her sisters put on their swan skins and fly through the night sky. Her parents told Doucette that she was not a swan maiden and that she would never fly or learn the swan maiden's magic. But when Doucette finds her swan skin hidden in her mothers mattress, everything changes. Doucette must decide how far she is willing to go to obtain her magical birthright, and if true love is worth the price.


Anonymous said...

i just read this book, and i actually thought it was written not very well. i would definitely never read it again.

Alena said...

I agree, I thought the book was very average. That's why I gave it a one angel (which is an average rating) and said I would never read it again. I Love fairy tales though so I don't regret reading it once.