December 10, 2007

The Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Green Rider by Kristen Britain

This is an adult fantasy book and usually I don't read them. However, this was lent to us and I decided to give it a try. I was afraid that it might have a lot of inappropriate material, but it was surprisingly clean. There was violence, but it was not as graphic as I expected. The story was entertaining and very interesting. I still think that it could have had less violence and I usually like fantasy books to be more of a light read. This, like other adult fantasy novels, was more involved than books I normally read.

Karigan G'ladheon is running away. She has decided to leave school, but doesn't know quite where to go. When she meets a wounded messenger on the road she agrees to complete a mission that will change her life forever. Can Karigan learn to face the difficult challenges that will face her as she acts as a King's Messenger? She will face dangerous creatures, ancient magic, and a deadly foe as she learns what it means to be a Green Rider.

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  1. Content Rating Update - The book also contains a few sexual inuendos.