December 12, 2007

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

Eagle Strike (Alex Rider)by Anthony Horowitz

This is the Fourth Book in the Alex Rider Series, and unlike the earlier books you kind of need to have a background with the Alex Rider Books before you read any farther into the series. Once again it is a good action book, fast-paced, and exciting. It's getting hard to write book reviews for the Alex Rider Books because they are all basically the same (the stories and the action scenes are all different in every book, but the amount of action and the writing style are all the same). Once again, it also contains one or two swear words that most people wouldn't consider swear words.

While Alex is taking a much needed vacation with Sabina and her family in the south of France, he spots his old enemy Yassen Gregorovich on the beach. Despite his decision to give up the spy business, Alex follows Yassen and overhears him discussing a potential strike target. With no information to go on, Alex decides to ignore Yassen's presence and continue his vacation. But when Yassen blows up the home Alex is staying in, injuring Sabina's Father, Alex reenters the spy business. It turns out that Yassen is working for the mega star Damian Cray in a plot to blow up billions of people around the world. When Alex takes his findings to M16, no one believes him and he must stop Damian Cray and Yassen without any help from the government.

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