November 10, 2007

The Problem Child by Michael Buckley

The Problem Child (The Sisters Grimm, Book 3)by Michael Buckley

This book is just as good as the first two. The more I read them, the more I like them.

Little Red Riding Hood and her pet Jabberwocky have escaped from the asylum and are wreaking havoc on FerryPort Landing. Sabrina discovers that Red is deep within the Scarlet Hand and that she knows the whereabouts of Henry and Veronica Grimm. When Red starts searching for a Grandma, a big dog, and a little sister to add to her "family", Sabrina knows she must hurry if she is going to protect her family. When mysterious Uncle Jake shows up in town, and encourages Sabrina and Daphne to use magic to solve all of their problems, Sabrina must decide how far she is willing to go to get her family back.

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