November 16, 2007

Griffins Castle by Jenny Nimmo

Griffin's Castle by Jenny Nimmo

This book was darker and more depressing than her other books.This book has been nominated for a lot of awards and seems like a book that teachers would make students read in Elementary School.

Dinah is an eccentric, intelligent girl with a troubled past, and the ability to see magic that is invisible to others. So when Dinah and her mother Rosalie move into a condemned mansion, Dinah envisions it to be the safe home she has always wanted. While visiting a nearby castle, Dinah breathes life into a few stone animals who then follow her home. Dinah believes that the creatures are there to protect her family and to keep Rosalie's boyfriend from breaking the family apart. But when the creatures turn on Dinah and prevent her from leaving her own home, Dinah realizes that the creatures might not be as friendly as she previously thought.

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