November 16, 2007

Back to The Divide and Jinx on the Divide by Elizabeth Kay

Back To The Divide by Elizabeth Kay
Jinx On The Divide by Elizabeth Kay

Back to the Divide is the Second Book in the Divide Series, and Jinx on the Divide is the Third. Both books are very similar so I am combining the rating section to include both books.
Both books are well written and clean. The main difference is that in the third book a lot of new characters are introduced, but they are developed in such a way that I never really cared about them. Also, there is so much going on that it makes it hard to appreciate the story. I liked that Felix grew up and the main focus of these books wasn't his illness. These books are really good.

Back to the Divide: Snakeweed has had enough of Felix's world and wants to return home. In order to do that Snakeweed must pay Felix a visit and obtain the divide spell. Because Felix won't cooperate Snakeweed turns Felix's parents to stone, starting a chain reaction that threatens to destroy Felix's world. Felix must return to the other side of the divide and find a way to stop Snakeweed and protect his world from magic.

Jinx on the Divide: Felix is home again and his world is free from magic, or so he thinks. While at school, Rhino, the class bully, accidently sets a djinn free and is imprisoned in the Djinn's lamp. It is up to Felix to return the Djinn to his world and rescue Rhino.

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