November 26, 2007

Baby-Sitters Club Special Editions and Portrait Colections by Ann M Martin

The Same as the rest - they do give a little more insight into each individual character.


Logan’s Story (June 1992) - Logan cops flac from his football team when he becomes a full-time BSC member.
Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter (July 1993) - Logan gets in trouble when he starts hanging out with Jam, the coolest guy at school.
Shannon’s Story (September 1994) - Shannon Kilbourne is usually a good girl, but when her mother announces she wants to go as a chaperone for Shannon's trip to Paris, that might change. Stacey’s Book (November 1994)
Claudia's book (March 1995)
Dawn’s Book (September 1995)
Mary Anne’s Book (March 1996)
Kristy’s Book (September 1996)
Abby's Book (March 1997)

Baby Sitters Club Movie Version

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