October 24, 2007

The Shadow World by Jane Johnson

The Shadow World (Eidolon Chronicles) by Jane Johnson

Because this book didn't require any of the introductory information, Jane Johnson was able to jump right into the story and continue where she left off. The story was interesting from the start and very clean.

With Uncle Aleister in jail and the Dodman keeping a low profile, Queen Isadora believes that the time is finally right to return home and bring peace to her kingdom. But when her family follows her into the old country, Isadora's plans must be set aside. Upon arriving in the old country Ellie becomes captive to the Dodman, and Isadora's husband falls seriously ill. An ancient prophecy says that Ben and his sisters are destined to save the kingdom, but before that prophecy can be fulfilled Ben must save his family. Ben must discover the power within himself before the full moon, or his family, his friends, and the rest of Eidolon will be lost forever.

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