October 11, 2007

The Secret Country by Jane Johnson

The Secret Country (Eidolon Chronicles) by Jane Johnson

Description:Ben Arnold is an ordinary boy from an ordinary family. The only noticeable difference between him and any other boy his age are his eyes (one is hazel and one is bright green). When Ben rescues Iggy, a talking cat from another world, Ben's life becomes anything but ordinary. Ben discovers that his uncle Aleister and Mr. Dodds, a local pet shop owner, have been stealing magical creatures from their home in the secret country and introducing them into Ben's world. When Ben's mother falls mysteriously ill, Ben and his sisters are sent to live with their awful uncle and his awful family. Ben soon learns that his eyes hold the secret behind his mother's illness and the future of both worlds. Ben and Iggy must embark on an adventure to discover the secret and stop his uncle before both worlds are changed forever.


  1. Who is writing this one, Russell or Alena? I think it sounds good but maybe kind of like Leven Thumps and Erec Rex. Did you think it was a stolen story line?

  2. I wrote this one, Russ hasn't read it yet. I guess the whole different eye thing was kind of like Erec Rex and the kid was a prince in the secret kingdom. They called the uncle Aleister old creepie and he was trying to get rid of the mom so he could take his wife and make her queen of the kingdom. The Mr. Dodds guy wanted to marry Bens mom so he could be king. The writing style was different than the other books, and the focus of the story wasn't the same. In Leven Thumps and Erec Rex the author was really funny and in this book it seemed like she was trying to be funny, but it didn't always work. It was good, but I honestly can't decide how much I like it.

  3. Thanks for the explanation and for enabling the comment thingy.