October 24, 2007

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer

Rating: Onnce I got into the story I really really enjoyed it. The story and characters were interesting and I really liked the mythological elements of the story. Many of the main characters were vikings so there was quite a bit of discussion about violence, but everything was done as cleanly as possible. I think that this is a good book for young readers who like adventure stories, but it's also good for anyone that likes a good read.

Description: Jack is just a farmer's son, or so he thinks. The Bard has taken an interest in Jack and soon he is learning and doing things he never thought possible. But when Jack and his sister are captured by Northmen, he is faced with deadly situations and even his new powers may not help him. Can Jack find the courage to risk everything and sacrifice what he holds most dear for someone he loves?

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