October 28, 2007

May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson

May Bird and the Ever After: Book One (May Bird) by Jodi Lynn Anderson

This book was clean, original, and very random.

May and her hairless cat Somber Kitty love exploring the woods near their home in Briery Swamp, West Virginia. On one of their trips into the woods they come across a hidden lake that is guarded by a water demon. May's House Ghost and Protector Spirit Pumpkin saves May from the Demon and pulls her through a portal into the Ever After. The Ever After is inhabited by Ghosts like Pumpkin (spirits who have never had bodies) and Specters (people that once had bodies and then died). Cats and Live Ones are feared in the Ever After so May and Kitty must keep themselves hidden or risk being sucked into nothingness by the Bogeyman (formerly the Boogey Man). May, Kitty, and Pumpkin must travel across the Ever After to find the Book of the Dead and a way for May to return home.

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